The Fog

The Fog is the third episode of the first season of 1899 and the third episode of the show overall. It is due to air November 17, 2022.

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A girl and other passengers suffer a terrible fate. Olek frees Ling Yi from a box. The captain makes a discovery that challenges his trust in Maura.

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Ling Yi is within a chest that is sinking to the bottom of the ocean. She hears a voice telling her to wake up and moments later, she wakes up on board the Kerberos. She is visibly confused and looks around her cabin. She takes particular notice of her wig and kimono, which can be seen to have an inverted triangle stitched into the back; a recurring theme among the Kerberos. Shortly after waking, Ling Yi joins Virginia and Yuk Je in the dining room, and Virginia reveals that the Captain has made the decision to turn the shift around and return back from whence they came. Virginia leaves moments later, telling Yuk Je and Ling Yi to join her shortly in her cabin.

Krester ascends the stairs of the Kerberos from Third Class and attempts to unlock the gate keeping them in, but finds it a pointless exercise. Without any luck, he tries calling out to Ada, who doesn't return his call.

Eyk and Maura watch as Dr. Murray examines the corpse of Ada, the little girl who was murdered the previous episode, and the girl Krester has desperately trying to call out to. Murray is unable to find any feasible cause of death, but Maura is concerned, as she met with Ada two days ago when they boarded the Kerberos, and she seemed in good health. Dr. Murray, however, claims that Maura is too emotional and is unable to see the facts at hand; this is apparently because she is a woman. Eyk tells Franz and Sebastian to keep the death a secret for the time bein to avoid scaring the other passengers. The ship comes to an abrupt stop moments later.

Franz, Maura, Eyk, and Sebastian rush to the deck of the Kerberos to investigate why the ship has come to a sudden stop. They are completely enveloped in fog, and are unable to see infront of them. Wilhelm explains that they had perfect view only moments ago, but now cannot see infront of them. As a result, they have had to come to a stop. When out of earshot of the Captain, Franz makes a comment to Sebastian and Wilhelm about the Captain having lost his mind.

Eyk and Maura go to his cabin, where he reveals that he found a ribbon aboard the Prometheus — his daughters ribbon despite the fact that she died two years ago in a fire. Eyk believes that he is loosing his mind and confides in Maura, who he looks to for help. She explains that sometimes their brains misinterpret things. Eyk shows Maura a tiled shaft located under his cabin floorboards. He isn't sure what it is, or what it does, but he suspects that the Company is trying to hide it. He further tells Maura that if something happened on the Prometheus, the Captain would've written it down. He wants to go back to the Prometheus and investigate, finding the log book.

Afte failing to find Ada, Tove returns to her mother and father, who she looks to for answers. Iben replies that through prayer, they're on the right path. Anker, meanwhile, cries whilst holding Ada's doll.

When Ling Yi arrives at Virginia's cabin, she is instructed to lie down on the bed, spreading her legs; it's time for a health check. Ling Yi is reluctant, but allows Virginia to perform rhe check. Virginia discovers that Ling Yi is a virgin throughout the health check, and as a result, Virginia realises that Ling Yi is an imposter, and is not one of Virginia's best working girls as she would've thought. Virginia decides that she can make the best of the situation, and tells her to be ready at 08:00 am.

With Maura gone and her cabin empty, the boy takes the pyramid and crawls under the bed, presumably finding Maura's tiled shaft.

Eyk and Maura take off back to the Prometheus, and on the boat, she questions why he would ask her to come with him. Eyk explains that he believes that Maura is a perfectly competent doctor. Eyk tries to explore more of Maura's history and asks if she has children. She reveals that she doesnt, after a miscarriage a couple of years ago, she can no longer have children. Maura reveals that she lost everything at home, this is why she is so afraid of going back.

Ling Yi tells her mother that they have been discovered, Virginia is aware of who she is. Yuk Je blames Ling Yi, as their actions were all in pursuit of her freedom. Yuk Je wanted a better life for her daughter, she didn't want her to have to sell her body as Yuk Je had done in the past. Upset, Ling Yi flees to the deck where she finds a crate to hide in.

Once inside the crate, Ling Yi finds herself reliving a memory of her and Yuk Je on a boat. Her mother is scolding her for having killed somebody, though Ling Yi explains that it was an accidental poisoning. Nonetheless, they must dispose of the body of the girl that she has killed. They dump the body into the river in a crate.

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